Animation Series

Animation Series

Here are some of our works.

Space Brothers "APO's DREAM"

APO'S DREAM 「宇宙兄弟」単行本 特典DVD

Produced special short animated stories for "Space Brothers", an award winning manga in Japan.


Sengoku Paradise


Animated TV Series based on the mobile game "Sengoku Paradise"
*This animation is a part of multi multi-media project (social game, TV animation, and live action series)

The story takes place in the Warring States period in Japan. However, unlike the typical stories in the era, most of the commanders in "Sengoku Paradise" are overly friendly even to those in enemy's side.
■Broadcast / Game
2011:TV Tokyo, Broadcast
Social games in three major platforms in Japan (mobage、GREE、mixi)

■# of Episodes
Animation part 3min x 26 episodes
Live action part 3min x 26 episodes

■Target Audience
1tenns to 30s female

(C) 2011 G-mode/戦パラ極プロジェクト

Zoo Ltd.


Environmental disruption by humans are making the earth less favorable to animals to survive.
In order to get the earth back, animals finally stand up and establish the corporation that develops and markets eco-friendly goods and services. The name of the corporation is "Zoo Ltd."!

2010:NHK Educational Channel , Japan

■# of Episodes
2min 30sec x 12 episodes

■Target Audience
6yrs old to 12yrs old


Comedy Elementary School Show


Comedy Elementary School is not like ordinary elementary school.
To make students enjoy a class, stationary and equipment at the school play stand-up comedy before a class starts. In this elementary school, you can always hear the sound of laughter coming from the class room.

2009 :NHK Educational Channel , Japan

■# of Episodes
1min 45sec x 20 episodes

■Target Audience
6yrs old to 12yrs old


Net Ghost PiPoPa

ネットゴースト ピポパ

Yuta is a Japanese boy who hates modern day tecnhnology outside of the cell phone. When his mom gets hired at the Dreamland Japan headquarters, he is forced to move. Unbeknown to him is a hidden land called Web World, the land connecting all computers, phones, televisions, and more. Yuta receives a mysterious message on his phone. When he touches the message, he is sent inside his cell phone to the Web World where he meets Web Ghosts Pit, Pat, and Pot, more commonly called PiPoPa. Together Yuta must team up with these Net Ghosts and new friends to save the Web World from the web ghosts themselves and outside forces which wish to use it to take over the entire world.

■Broadcast / Manga / Game
2008 :TV Tokyo, Japan
AT-X, Japan
Manga in "Kero Kero Ace" , Kadokawa, Japan

2009 :Disney Channel, Japan
Nintendo DS "Net Ghost Pi!Po!Pa!"
YoYoTV, Taiwan

2010 :Spacetoon, Middle East
* Other than above "Net Ghost Pi!Po!Pa!" has been broadcasted in many countries worldwide.

Co-developed with TV TOKYO

■# of Episodes
22min x 51episodes

■Target Audience
8yrs old to 12yrs old + Family


KADEN MANZAI -Home Appliances Comedy Show


The Stand-up comedy show by home appliance characters

Did you know that home appliances at your home talk? They even play stand-up comedy late at night after you go to bed. In the "KADEN MANZAI" world, home appliances are always observing you and your family and collect the materials that they are going to make fun of at the comedy show later in the evening.
"KADEN MANZAI" project was developed through the collaboration of Yoshimoto; a comedian powerhouse, TAKARA TOMY

2008 :TV Tokyo, Japan

■# of Episodes
3min x 25 episodes

■Target Audience
20yrs old to 40 yrs old

(C) John TV Project

ColoColo Animals


Spherical animal characters teach kids "Numbers", "Colors" and "Shapes"

60 episodes of ColoColo Animals have been produced in accordance with the curriculum developed under the supervision of Prof. Mutou, a leading edge of early childhood education in Japan.

■Broadcast / Manga / Campaign
2007 :Kids Station "Happy Clappy" , Japan

2008 :JCOM , Japan
Nickelodeon, Korea

2009 :Educational Manga Content on Oita Press, Japan
Campaign - "Strawberry Cones", Pizza Delivery Service

■# of Episodes
1min x 60 episodes

■Target Audience
2yrs old to 4yrs old

(C) 2006 Naomi Iwata/Project ColoColoAnimal

Mobile Shoujyo


Hiro Aida is 2nd year in Genma High School. He never had a girl friend in his life and one-sided love is the only thing in his love history.

Spending ordinary life as an ordinary high school student... this is the short story depicting how ordinary Hiro goes around with the girls he met at the school.

Animated series based on love simulation mobile game.

■Broadcast / Manga
2007 :Yahoo! Movie
Monthly Magazine, "Fang"

■# of Episodes
4min x 5 episodes (multi-ending)

■Target Audience
15yrs old to 30yrs old male

(C) 2006 G-mode/KSAP All rights reserved.



In the deal of night you can hear them begin to stir in the kitchen; the Pasta-people "Buonomo"

The guy who lives in the fridge, the girl swimming in the sink, the one in the sugar container, a man who kisses his beloved wife and heads out. In the kitchen that is their city, they go by car, by bike and on foot, to the theater.
In the back of the storage space lies the Buonomo theater, where a seedily light up signboard advertises the actors.
The curtain opens and a Macaroni headed figure with twisty shaped arms and legs begins to sing, dance, and do acrobatics; a truly first class performer. The show has begun!
The Buonomo Theatrical Troupe brings you their surreal, cynical comedy show . This is "Buonomo"!

2005 - 2006 Yahoo!JAPAN Original 3DCGI Animation Series

■# of Episodes
2min 30secs x 13 episodes

■Target Audience
30yrs old to 40 years old female

(C) 2005 Pyramid Film/Project buonomo



Follow the adventures of the Butazuka as they work, eat, sleep, and break wind to survive !

Meet the "Butazuka". Standing only 8cm high, and resembling miniature pigs, these small creatures live in colonies headed by a Queen, much like ants do. However that is where the similarities to any other animal or insect end.
First discovered deep in jungle only a few years ago, you can witness this extraordinary species and their lifestyle which has been caught on film for the first time in this incredible series.

2005 - 2006 Yahoo!JAPAN Original 3DCGI Animation Series

■# of Episodes
2min 30secs x 13 episodes

■Target Audience
20yrs old to 30 years old female

(C) 2005 Furi Furi Campany / Project Butazuka

Aliens in Old Town PapiPipiPupi

下町エイリアン パピピピプピ

The old neighborhood has some new residence

It is a time of spectacular economic growth in Japan and yet another old neighborhood is targeted for redevelopment. This time it's "Dragon Town".
Almost all hope for the neighborhood had been abandoned as demolition day drew nearer. It seemed that nothing on Earth could save their neighborhood.
Well, at least nothing from Earth ...

2005 - 2006 Yahoo!JAPAN Original 3DCGI Animation Series

■# of Episodes
2min 30secs x 13 episodes

■Target Audience
For those who are starved for human feelings

(C) 2005 Naomi Iwata / Project PapiPipiPupi

Ride On Explet's


Tsubasa always believed that the railway tracks continued on forever. However, every track, like every story book, does come to an end. Tsubasa never imagined that at the end of that dark tunnel they weren't supposed to venture into lay the end of the tracks and the foretelling of a sad end to their story. But, he also finds hope and a way to the outer world that leads to other books and whole new worlds. Unwilling to accept that their fate is predetermined, Tsubasa and his train friends jump from their story book and travel to others in search of the tracks that continue on to the future and a happy ending. But it won’t be easy because the Black Explet's, the bringer of all sad endings, is always hot on their trail. Story book stories are no longer static in this world and there is no end to the possibilities and fun in the search for hope and a happy ending!

■Broadcast / Prize
2003 :Nominated to Annecy 2003 International animated film festival
2004 :MBS/TBS, Japan

■# of Episodes
3min 15secs x 26 episodes

■Target Audience
8yrs old to 12yrs old

(C) 2002 Naomi Iwata / Project Ride On Explet's

Gregory Horror Show


The Gregory Horror Show is a horror-comedy set at the "Gregory Hotel" in another dimension. A place where souls that have lost their way in the real world and the Inn Keeper, the old mouse Gregory, interact in 3DCG animation.
During their stay, souls that have become guests at Gregory House will slowly lose touch with the "real world" and begin to accept the surreal world they now find themselves in. The world of the Gregory House represents the oppressed and denied realities within us, forcing us to see our true selves.

■Braodcast / Prize / Managa
1999 :TV Asahi, Japan "Gregory Horror Show"

2000 :TV Asahi, Japan "Gregory Horror Show Second Guest"
TV Asahi, Japan "Gregory Horror Show Last Train"
TV Asahi, Japan "Gregory Horror Show Bloody Karte"

2003 :PS2 Gregory Horror Show - Seoul Collector - Sold in Asia and Europe

2005 :au EZ channel, Japan

2007 :Manga , Weekly Morning - Kodansha -

■# of Episodes
2min 10sec x 88 episodes

■Target Audience
For those who are tired of real life

(C)2001Naomi Iwata / Milkycartoon Co,.Ltd.

Midnight Horror School


Ever wonder what happens to the things you throw away or leave behind? Or where things like crop circles came from? They aren't as unrelated as you may think! Just ask one of the Midnight Horror School's most successful alumni - the old school lawnmower! After dark, this school comes to life with a variety of unique pupils, each being the "ghost" of a forgotten about or thrown away item you. These "ghost-kids“ spend their nights in school learning that they are far from being useless and how to use their powers to become something special; to be remembered forever as a paranormal "wonder" of the world! Current students include "Hikky", a mostly used up pencil who wants to prove he's got plenty left by bringing his drawings to life. There is no end to the fun and learning with Hikky and his schoolmates at the Midnight Horror School for wonders of the world.

■Broadcast / Campaign / Prize
2003 :25 local station of FUJI TV network, Japan

2004 :Nominated to Annecy 2004 International animated film festival
ETCTV, Chile

2005:Campaign - "Strawberry Cones", Pizza Delivery Service

■# of Episodes
11min x 52 episodes

■Target Audience
6yrs old ・12yrs old




■Broadcast / Campaign /Prize
1998 :Short episodes in "P-kies" Fuji TV, Japan

2001 :Won Special Distinctive Show, Annecy 2001 International Animated Film Festival Teletoon, Canada

2002 :TF1, France
TV Tokyo, Japan

2003 :Cartoon Network, US
AT-X, Japan

2004 :Cartoon Network, Tokyo
Campaign - Calpis Kids (Yogurt Drink for Kids) 10th Anniversary

* Other than above "Pecola" has been broadcasted in more than 30 countries worldwide.

■# of Episodes
11min x 52 episodes

■Target Audience
6yrs old ・12yrs old

PecolaR and other characters・& (C) Naomi Iwata.

(C) 2000-2002 Milky Cartoon Co., Ltd. / Nelvana Limited All Rights Reserved.

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